Gokhan Baris Bagci

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Here, you will find the basic information about my research interests and publications.


Education and Professional Experience

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BSc, METU*, Physics (1996)
MSc, METU, Physics (1998)
PhD, METU, Physics (2005)
PhD, METU, Philosophy (2006)
PhD, UNT**, Physics (2008)

* Middle East Technical University
** University of North Texas

Research Assistant, METU (1998-2000)
Research Assistant, UNT (2000-2008)
Assoc. Prof. Dr., Texas Woman's University (2005-2008)
Assoc. Prof. Dr., Ege Uni., (2009-2012)
Assist. Prof. Dr., Ege Uni., (2012-2014)

Current Position:
Assoc. Prof. Dr., TOBB University of Economics and Technology


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Fiz101 - General Physics
Fiz101L - General Physics Lab
MNT554 - Advanced Mathematics for Micro and Nanotechnology


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Nano-scale Stochastic Thermodynamics
Non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanics
Quantum Thermodynamics
Statistical Mechanics in Non-extensive Systems
Latest Publications:
1- Bagci G. B. (with Oikonomou T.), Clausius versus Sackur–Tetrode entropies, Stud. in Hist. and Phil. of Sci. Part B. 44 (2013) 63-68.
2 Bagci G. B. and Oikonomou Thomas, “Tsallis power laws and finite baths with negative heat capacity”, Phys. Rev. E 88 (2013) 042126.
3- Pereira T. , Eroglu D., Bagci G. B.,Tırnaklı U and Jensen H. J., “Connectivity driven coherence in complex networks”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 110 (2013) 234103.
4- Afsar Ozgur, Bagci G. B. and Tirnakli U., “Renormalized entropy for one dimensional discrete maps: periodic and quasi-periodic route to chaos and their robustness”, EPJ B 86:307 (2013).
5- Bagci G. B., Tirnakli U. and Kurths Juergen, “Second law for transitions between nonequilibrium steady states”, Phys. Rev. E 87 (2013) 032161.
6- Diana G., Bagci G. B. and Esposito M., “Finite-time erasing of information stored in fermionic bits”, Phys. Rev. E 87 (2013) 012111.
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TOBB University of Economics and Technology,
Main Building, 312-1
Sogutozu, Ankara
Email: gbagci@etu.edu.tr